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Physiologic Monitor Modules, Apnea/Respiratory Rate

Definition : Modules designed to be used as a component of a physiologic monitor, along with related devices, to acquire, measure, and process information for the purposes of continuously monitoring the respiratory rate and detecting the cessation of breathing (apnea). These modules contain electronic circuits or other technology designed to acquire and/or process a signal (e.g., changes in electric impedance of the thoracic cavity or other physical variations) from one or more physiologic sensors (e.g., electrodes, thermistors) and transmit it to the physiologic monitor, which contains the software designed to support the module's intended function(s). Respiratory rate/apnea modules must be inserted in a dedicated location (e.g., "slot") within a physiologic monitor (e.g., modular or modular/configured bedside or transport monitor) or related device (e.g., module rack) in order to support the desired function(s). Typical functions of a respiratory rate/apnea module, when used with a physiologic monitor, include continuous monitoring of respiratory rate, display of the respiratory waveform and numeric rate value, detection of apnea, and appropriate initiation of visual/audible alarms.

Entry Terms : "Apnea/Respiratory Rate Modules, Physiologic Monitor" , "Respiratory Rate Modules, Physiologic Monitor"

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Cleveland Medical Devices Inc

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CleveMed was founded with the goal of developing innovative biomedical signal processing and instrumentation devices. CleveMed has since become a leader in miniaturized wireless telemetry, physiological monitoring and rehabilitation devices. Through these innovations, CleveMed has developed a growing range of products that address the needs of the medical, research and academic communities.

SleepMed Inc

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SleepMed was formed in December 1999 through the merger of Sleep Disorder Centers of America (SDCA), based in Columbia SC, and DigiTrace Care Services, Inc. (DCSI), based in Boston MA. SDCA was founded in 1994 by Dr. Richard K. Bogan, who has board certifications in sleep medicine, pulmonary medicine, critical care medicine and internal medicine.

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