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Positive Airway Pressure Units

Definition : Devices designed to apply positive air pressure to the airways of patients that are performing spontaneous breathing. Positive air pressure (PAP) units may apply positive pressure during inspiration, expiration, or both; positive pressure may be applied continuously either at the same level or at two different levels (typically one level during inspiration and a lower level during expiration), or by pulses (i.e., pulsatile). These units are intended to provide noninvasive positive pressure breathing assistance therapy through a mask (either nasal or oronasal), a mouthpiece, and/or a lipseal; they are not intended for continuous breathing support. Some PAP units include or may be connected to nebulizers, humidifiers, and/or suction devices.

Entry Terms : "Non-Continuous Ventilators" , "NPPB Units" , "Noninvasive Positive Pressure Breathing (NPPB) Units" , "Ventilators, Sub-acute"

UMDC code : 20742

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