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Analyzers, Physiologic, Metabolic Rate

Definition : Physiologic analyzers designed to measure the rate at which a person burns calories either at rest (i.e., resting metabolic rate, RMR), during normal activities, and/or during exercise (e.g., stress exercise). These devices typically use indirect calorimetry methods to calculate the metabolic rate; they may include gas analyzers, airflow measurement devices, controls, and a computerized system that integrates the measurements and brings the result in energy units. Metabolic rate physiologic analyzers are used to assess patient status in ICU and CCU units and for other medical applications (e.g., sport medicine, nutritional support, spatial and military physiology).

Entry Terms : "Indirect Calorimeters" , "Calorimeters" , "Metabolic Analyzers" , "Basal Metabolism Units" , "Oxygen Consumption Units" , "Metabolic Rate Measurement Units"

UMDC code : 20693

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