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Decontamination Systems, Antidispersive/Blast Foam

Definition : Decontamination systems designed to lessen the escape of chemical and/or biological agents associated with low-power explosive devices (e.g., withless than 1 kg of explosive) and/or dispersive devices. These systems typically consist of a multilayer, explosion-resistant, flexible enclosure to place the suspected device inside; a mechanism to pump the decontaminant antidispersive product (usually foam) inside the enclosure and surround the hazardous device; and pumps, hoses, and containers to store and deliver the decontaminant. Antidispersive/blast-foam decontamination systems can mitigate the effects of small explosive devices (e.g., briefcase-size bombs) by performing a controlled explosion and/or preventing the escape of warfare agents from dispersive devices. They are inside buildings or outdoors used by civil defense or military personnel to protect people and/or equipment and facilities.

Entry Terms : "Blast Foam Decontamination Systems" , "Antidispersive Decontamination Systems" , "Decon Foam" , "Decontamination Foam"

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