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Decontamination Systems

Definition : Systems designed for decontamination of chemical agents, including mustard (H agent), nerve agents such as VX and the G series (e.g., tabun [GA], sarin [GB]), and toxic industrial materials; biological agents; and/or nuclear material contaminants. These systems usually consist of several separate but interacting units (e.g., pumps, applicators, heaters, sprayers) that can deliver appropriate products (e.g., water, gases, decontaminants, steam). They perform decontamination by physical removal and/or chemical neutralization of contaminants from the surface of equipment. Decontamination systems are mainly used for decontamination of large outdoor equipment and vehicles; specialized systems that decontaminate multiple garments and personal gear or the effects of dispersive (blast) contaminant artifacts are also available.

UMDC code : 20585

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