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Decontaminants, Physical Removal, Nonplastic Kaolin

Definition : Physical-removal decontaminants consisting of a nonplastic form of kaolin (clay) containing an aluminum-magnesium silicate. The fine-crushed product is best suited for skin and/or personal-gear decontamination. Nonplastic kaolin products are used for gross decontamination or when a more specific product for decontamination is not available. This product does not neutralize chemical or biological agents, making it necessary to subsequently neutralize skin or gear. This decontaminant (also known as Fuller's earth) is easily available due to its use as kitty litter, a spill absorbent, and a filtering medium.

Entry Terms : "Nonplastic Kaolin Decontaminants" , "Attapulgite Decontaminants" , "Dutch Powder" , "Bentonite Clay" , "Fuller's Earth Decontaminants" , "Clay Decontaminants" , "Kaolin Decontaminants" , "Aluminum-Magnesium Silicate Decontaminants"

UMDC code : 20554

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