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Catheters, Pleural

Definition : Catheters designed for percutaneous insertion into a potential space (known as the pleural cavity) enclosed by the serous membrane completely investing the lungs and also lining the thoracic cavity (i.e., the pleura). These devices are typically small-caliber catheters (e.g., 8 to 10 Fr) and have particular characteristics according their clinical use. Pleural catheters are available for intrapleural instillation of drugs (e.g., urokinase), to treat simple and/or tension pneumothorax, to drain liquids (e.g., hemathorax), and for permanent indwelling use in the long-term drainage of pleural effusions. Pleural catheters are frequently included in kits such as pneumothorax, thoracocentesis, and drainage kits.

Entry Terms : "Catheters, Thoracostomy" , "Pneumothorax Catheters" , "Thoracentesis Catheters" , "Pleural Catheters"

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