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Needles, Injection, Bifurcated

Definition : Injection needles typically consisting of a solid thin metallic rod approximately 50 to 75 mm (2 to 3 inches) long and 1 mm in diameter, with one end flattened and formed into two sharp prongs (similar to a small two-prong fork). Some needles include a plastic hub to facilitate manipulation. The size and shape of the two-prong end is appropriate to hold the recommended dose volume of reconstituted liquid vaccine by capillary action when it is dipped into a vial containing the vaccine in a preestablished concentration. The vaccine is then delivered into the superficial layers of the skin by puncturing (i.e., scarification) using a series of repetitive strokes (typically 15) with the bifurcated needle. Bifurcated needles are usually specialized devices designed for massive smallpox vaccination; they are usually disposable, but sterilization is possible (e.g., using autoclaves or dry-heat sterilizers).

Entry Terms : "Bifurcated Needles" , "Smallpox Vaccination Needles"

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