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Simulators, Environmental Detector/Monitor

Definition : Simulators designed to mimic detectors and/or monitors of environmental agents that are dangerous or potentially dangerous to humans. These simulators typically closely replicate the physical and/or functional characteristics of the actual detectors or monitors but use techniques that avoid the use of hazardous agents. They may or may not use chemical and/or other simulants of the substances to be detected or monitored. There are simulators available for detectors and/or monitors of hazardous chemicals such as industrial toxic gases and chemical-warfare agents (e.g., nerve and blister agents), as well as for detectors and/or monitors used for ionizing radiation. Some simulators are computerized and keep record of the testing conditions and/or the operator's performance during the test. Environmental detector simulators permit training of personnel on tests for environmental detection and/or monitoring of hazardous agents, replicating real systems as closely as possible without using the real contaminants.

Entry Terms : "Environmental Monitor Simulators" , "Environmental Detector Simulators"

UMDC code : 20524

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