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Detection Kits, Chemical Agent, Strip-Reagent

Definition : Chemical agent detection kits based on strip detection reagents that change color in the presence of a chemical agent, permitting agent identification. These kits typically include a disposable plastic vapor sampler, one booklet of chemical agent detection strips (typically M8 paper), and instruction cards with laboratory filter paper test spots for the various agents. The method typically used is an enzymatic substrate-based reaction; the presence of agents is indicated by a specific color change. Chemical agent detection kits are very sensitive tools to detect nerve agents (e.g., VX and G series such as tabun and sarin), blister agents such as mustard and lewisite, and blood agents, including cyanide products such as hydrogen cyanide and cyanogen chloride. These kits are very useful in determining areas of contamination but cannot detect chemical agents in water. They are used by healthcare workers, rescuers, firefighters, and military personnel for rapid detection in contaminated or potentially contaminated areas.

Entry Terms : "M256A1 Chemical Agent Detection Kits" , "M256 Chemical Agent Detection Kits"

UMDC code : 20516

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