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Detectors, Environmental, Explosive/Narcotic Trace

Definition : Environmental detectors designed for automated discovery and/or ascertainment (i.e., detection) of traces of explosives (e.g., TNT, RDXX, Semtex, nitrates, HMX) and/or narcotics (e.g., drugs of abuse such as cocaine, heroin, and ecstasy). The sample is typically taken from the atmosphere (by using an air current to dislodge particles and vapors from an individual's clothing, luggage, and packages), but samples may be obtained by wiping the suspected items. Some detectors are computerized and detect, identify, and warn when traces of explosives or narcotics are found. These detectors are usually available as stand-alone or mobile devices and less frequently as portable units. Explosive/narcotic trace environmental detectors permit the localization of concealed explosives and narcotics and/or evidence of their manipulation; they are used by healthcare personnel, rescuers, firefighters, and military personnel in public-access buildings such as airports and healthcare facilities.

Entry Terms : "Narcotic/Explosive Detectors" , "Explosive/Narcotic Detectors" , "Ecstasy Detectors" , "Heroin Detectors" , "Cocaine Detectors" , "Drug-of-Abuse Detectors" , "Narcotic Detectors" , "TNB Detectors" , "TNT Detectors"

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