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Detectors, Environmental, Chemical Agent, Telemetric

Definition : Chemical agent environmental detectors designed for automated detection and/or identification of hazardous chemical agents (e.g., nerve and/or blister agents) using a sensor that is connected via a hardwired, radio, or satellite link to one or more remote stations. They usually warn when predetermined values of the chemical agent have been reached or exceeded. These detectors may use one or several different technologies, including surface acoustic waves and spectroscopy. Telemetric chemical agent environmental monitors can be placed in hospital wards or at victim collection sites to detect contamination and prevent personnel from entering a contaminated area.

Entry Terms : "Telemetric Chemical Agent Detectors" , "Automatic Liquid Agent Detectors" , "ALADs" , "M90 AMADs" , "Automatic Chemical Agent Detectors" , "AMADs"

UMDC code : 20500

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