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Detectors, Environmental, Chemical Agent, Remote Sensing

Definition : Chemical agent environmental detectors designed for automated detection and identification of hazardous chemical agents (e.g., nerve and/or blister agents) using a sensor with long-range capabilities. These detectors typically consist of a passive, automated-scanning infrared sensor that can recognize agent clouds up to a line-of-sight range of 5 km (3 miles). Most systems work by comparing the background spectrum obtained by the detector with the information stored in a computer. Remote-sensing hazardous chemical detectors have a sensitivity in the order of 100 mg/cubic meter for nerve agents and 500 mg/cubic meter for blister agents; they are used in civil defense and military applications.

Entry Terms : "M21 RSCAALs" , "Remote Sensing Chemical Agent Alarms" , "RSCAAs" , "Chemical Warfare Directional Detectors" , "CWDDs" , "Infrared Chemical Agent Detectors, Long-Range" , "Long-Range Environmental Chemical Agent Detectors"

UMDC code : 20499

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