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Microspheres, Device Calibration/Laboratory

Definition : Microspheres manufactured within a very narrow diameter distribution from the nominal value. These microspheres are typically made of ceramic, glass, or polymers; they are available in a wide range of nominal diameter sets. Device calibration/laboratory microspheres are appropriate to calibrate laboratory instruments, such as flow cytometers and electronic microscopes, they are also used in a variety of clinical laboratory applications (e.g., chromatography). Paramagnetic microspheres coated with specific nuclear antibodies are part of some separation cell immunoassays.

Entry Terms : "Laboratory Microspheres" , "Device Calibration Microspheres"

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Polysciences Inc

Company Type: Parent

The company was founded in 1961 to provide sample preparation products for electron microscopy as nano-scale samples were starting to reveal new knowledge. Embedding products were added for histology (the study of tissue) applications soon after, enabling tissue embedment in plastic blocks, in addition to paraffin. Dyes and stains were developed to implement better visualization of the samples. In cooperation with federal agencies, monodisperse polymeric microspheres were developed for diagnostic kit applications.

Spherotech Inc

Company Type: Parent

Spherotech was established in 1992 to manufacture and supply uniform microparticles for biomedical and diagnostic applications. Our headquarters are 25 miles north of Chicago in Lake Forest, IL. As a global supplier of microparticle solutions, our experienced scientists manufacture high quality latex, fluorescent, paramagnetic, ferromagnetic and colored dyed microparticles. Our microsphere portfolio offers you

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