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Noncontact Normothermic Wound Therapy Systems

Definition : Therapeutic systems designed to treat open wounds by locally warming them to temperatures close to normal (i.e., normothermic) or slightly higher than body values, typically close to 38 degC (100 degF), without making contact with the wound. These systems usually consist of a noncontact wound cover, a warming card, and an electronic temperature-control unit. The noncontact cover consists of a gas-vapor-permeable plastic (e.g., polyurethane) film that maintains a 100% humidity environment and absorbs wound exudates; it also includes a transparent window to view the wound. The covers are available in a range of sizes to accommodate different wound sizes and/or body sites. The warming cards include the heating element; they are inserted into a pocket of the noncontact cover to deliver temperature-controlled radiant heat to the wound. The cards are typically multiuse, single-patient devices. The temperature-control unit consists of an electronic regulator for monitoring and controlling the temperature; it may be line and/or battery operated. Noncontact normothermic wound-therapy systems are used for continuous protection and treatment of chronic wounds (which commonly develop in bedridden, diabetic, and venous-insufficient patients); the treatment typically consists of several one-hour warming sessions daily. They are intended to promote healing in wounds that are difficult to heal using conventional treatments.

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Regenesis Biomedical Inc

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Regenesis Biomedical, Inc. is a privately held medical technology company focused on developing and marketing noninvasive tissue regenerative medicine products. Regenesis developed, patented, and now markets the Provant Therapy System.Regenesis' core values include: having a pioneering spirit in the development of new regenerative medical products, striving for excellence in all business aspects, having respect for all people, living and working as a family unified by a common goal, applying integrity in our decision making processes, having compassion for all people, especially our patients, and dedication to improving the lives of all whom we encounter.

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