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Respirators, Air-Supplying, Stationary Source/Emergency Container

Definition : Air-Supplying respirators designed to prevent the wearer from inhaling airborne particles, gases, and/or vapors from the environment by supplying air either from a stationary source of compressed air or from a low-capacity emergency self-contained air container. These respirators usually include a mask, a portable air container that may be attached to the user, and a long hose that should be connected to a high-capacity compressed air source. Combined stationary source/emergency container respirators are intended for use for extended periods in an environment that is or may be immediately dangerous to life or health for the user (e.g., closed rooms with contaminated particles or hazardous chemical spills), providing a supplementary air supply that is enough to escape in emergency.

Entry Terms : "Emergency Container Air-Supplying Respirators" , "Combination Respirators"

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Bullard is a leading manufacturer of high-quality personal protective equipment and systems that are marketed worldwide.

Moldex Inc

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Moldex is one of the most recognized and respected names in hearing and respiratory protection in industrial worker safety. Comfort, quality and value are all synonymous with a Moldex product.

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