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Pacemakers, Gastric

Definition : Pacemakers designed to apply a repetitive electrical stimulus to the nerves in the stomach wall to regulate the rhythm of the gastric contractions. These devices consist of a battery-powered implantable electrical stimulator and appropriate leads with electrodes to connect the stimulator to the stomach muscles; they usually permit noninvasive reprogramming of pacing parameters following implantation using an external programmer. The stimulator is implanted beneath the skin in a subcutaneous pocket, using either laparoscopic or open-surgery procedures. Gastric pacemakers are mostly used to treat disorders characterized by slow food movement through the stomach (i.e., gastroparesis), alleviating chronic nausea and vomiting associated with the illness.

Entry Terms : "Pulse Generators, Gastric" , "Stomach Neurostimulators" , "Stimulators, Electrical, Neuromuscular, Gastric" , "Gastric Electrical Stimulators" , "Gastric Electrical Stimulation Systems" , "Gastric Pacemakers"

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