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Stapler/Cutters, Surgical, Linear, Gastrointestinal Tract

Definition : Surgical linear stapplers/cutters designed to deliver two or more double staggered rows of staples to the gastrointestinal (GI) tract tissue that include a knife for simultaneous cutting of the tissue between the two double rows. These devices are usually staplers/cutters of the forked type; some staplers are disposable but may be reloaded during a single procedure. GI linear staplers/cutters are mainly used to create anastomosis of two segments of the GI tract; they may be also used for transection and resection of organs such as the liver.

Entry Terms : "Cutting Staplers" , "Linear Cutters" , "Surgical Mesh Staples" , "Staplers, Surgical, Linear, Gastrointestinal, Cutting"

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