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Syringes, Plunger

Definition : Syringes consisting of a hollow transparent cylinder (barrel) that is typically graduated (e.g., cubic centimeter, milliliter) to show its content, as well as a movable plunger (piston) within the cylinder. When the piston is withdrawn, it causes the fluid to flow into the cylinder and, when pressed, to be ejected from the cylinder. The barrel may include either a fixed needle or a male connector to attach a hollow needle through which the fluid flows into or out of the cylinder. Plunger syringes are used for intramuscular or intravenous (either directly or through catheters) injection and/or infusion of liquids; small plunger syringes (i.e., hypodermic syringes) are designed for subcutaneous injection, especially of tuberculin and insulin. Some plunger syringes are designed for other applications (e.g., irrigation) and/or particular procedures, such as dental treatment and chromatographic assays.

Entry Terms : "Syringes, Plunger, Center Tip" , "Center Tip Plunger Syringes" , "Piston Syringes" , "Plunger Syringes"

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