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Recorders, Electronic Storage, Data, Physical Activity

Definition : Electronic storage data recorders designed to measure and record body movements (i.e., physical activity). These recorders typically include electronic circuits that can process body part movement data, including timing and counting; as well as external acceleration sensors that are typically attached to a patient's wrist or to the ankle of young children to detect body movements. The devices can store information for later computer analysis; some recorders allow the programming of the sample period (time on, time off, number of recording days). Physical activity recorders are used to assess patients with certain conditions (e.g., cardiac or pulmonary disorders) or healthy people (e.g., athletes) during their daily activities and/or while performing exercise; they are also used to record sleep and wakefulness (sleep/awake cycle) during normal patient activity for prolonged periods (e.g., a month).

Entry Terms : "Physical Activity Recorders" , "Actigraphs" , "Physical Activity Monitors" , "Motion Analysis Systems" , "Kinesimeters"

UMDC code : -28861

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