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Monitors, Physiologic, Multiparameter/Anesthetic-Respiratory Gas, Beside/Intraoperative

Definition : Monitors designed for continuous and simultaneous measure and display data on respiratory and administered anesthetic gases and also on several additional physiologic parameters during general peri-operative and anesthesia surgical procedures (intraoperative). These monitors consist of a computerized unit as well as a display that shows the numerical values, waveforms, and trends of the concentrations of the gases and other measured parameters, attached sensors, and alarms. They can sample, measure, and display simultaneously data on inspired and expired concentrations of respiratory (e.g., oxygen, carbon dioxide) and anesthetic gases (nitrogen oxide, enflurane, isoflurane) and several other physiologic parameters such as invasive pressure, electrocardiography, pulse oximetry, and temperature.

Entry Terms : "Monitors, Oxygen" , "Multiple Medical Gas Monitors" , "Anesthetic Gas Monitors" , "Respiration Monitors" , "Oxygen Monitors" , "Temperature Monitors" , "Multiparameter Physiologic Monitors" , "OR Monitors" , "Operating Room Monitors" , "Electrocardiography Monitors" , "Monitors, Bedside, Physiologic/Respiration/Anesthetic Gas" , "Physiologic Monitors, Multiparameter" , "Pulse Oximetry Monitors" , "Respiratory Gas Monitors"

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