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Electrosurgical Units

Definition : Units that perform surgery using a high-frequency electric current. The electrosurgical heating effect that causes tissue destruction is provided by tissue resistance to the high-frequency, high-density current rather than by heat, as in electrocautery devices. Electrosurgical units deliver and receive electric current through cables and electrodes and may include a detachable footpedal for switching on foot-controlled active electrodes. These units are used as an alternative to scalpels for cutting tissue and controlling bleeding by causing coagulation (i.e., hemostasis) at the surgical site (e.g., capillary beds in the liver or spleen), as well as providing a combination of cutting and coagulation.

Entry Terms : "Surgical Diathermy Units" , "Surgical Units" , "Diathermy Units" , "Endometrial Ablation Systems" , "Electrosurgical Generators" , "Malis Coagulators" , "Stimulators, Muscle" , "Wapplers" , "Hyfrecators" , "ESUs" , "Diathermy Units, Surgical" , "Coagulators, Electrosurgical" , "Bovies"

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