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IVD Test Reagent/Kits, Molecular Assay, Infection, Bacteria, Treponema pallidum

Definition : Molecular assay reagents intended to identify Treponema pallidum, a bacterium of the family Spirochaetaceae, by detecting specific genetic information of the nucleic acid of the target bacteria. These bacteria cause syphilis, a disease that is usually transmitted sexually or acquired in utero.

Entry Terms : "Reagents, Molecular Assay, Infection, Bacteria, Syphilis" , "Treponema Species Detection/Identification Reagents" , "Treponema pallidum Reagents, Identification/Detection" , "Treponema pallidum Detection/Identification Reagents" , "Treponema pallidum Bacteria Identification/Detection Reagents" , "Syphilis Diagnostic Reagents" , "Reagents, Sexually Transmitted Disease" , "Reagents, Molecular Assay, Infection, Bacteria, Treponema pallidum"

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Zeus Scientific Inc

Company Type: Parent

ZEUS Scientific is a privately held corporation that was founded in 1976. The company began producing IFA (immunofluorescence assay) test systems followed ELISA and now multiplex (AtheNA Multi-Lyte) immunoassays. New products are developed to expand the menu which allows laboratories to run an increasing number of assays with common protocols and common reagents, as well as developing new tests to more accurately diagnose patients. In 1987 ZEUS Scientific was the first company to develop, receive appropriate regulatory clearance and bring to market a serological assay to test for Lyme disease – a condition with high prevalence in the local community where ZEUS Scientific is located.

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