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IVD Test Reagent/Kits, Immunoassay, Autoimmune, Rheumatism

Definition : Immunoassay reagents intended to perform qualitative and/or quantitative analyses on a body fluid sample (e.g., serum) to determine antibodies associated with autoimmune diseases characterized by inflammation and degeneration of the connective tissues (i.e., rheumatic diseases), especially the joints and related structures (e.g., muscle, bursae, tendons).

Entry Terms : "Sa Anti-Antibody Determination Reagents" , "Rheumatism Determination Reagents, Autoimmune Test" , "IVD Test Reagent/Kits, Immunoassay, Autoimmune, Rheumatism, Anti-Cyclic Citrulline Peptide Antibody" , "Filaggrin Anti-Antibody Determination Reagents" , "Cyclic Citrullinated Peptide Anti-Antibody Determination Reagents" , "Autoimmune Test Reagents, Rheumatism" , "Anti-Sa Antibody Determination Reagents" , "Anti-Filaggrin Antibody Determination Reagents" , "Anti-Cyclic Citrullinated Peptide Antibody Determination Reagents" , "Reagents, Immunoassay, Autoimmune, Rheumatism" , "Rheumatism Diagnostic Immunoassay Reagents" , "Rheumatoid Arthritis Diagnostic Immunoassay Reagents"

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