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Definition : Sterile pieces of material designed to protect, cover, and provide a healing environment. Dressings may be made of nonimpregnated material or material impregnated with an agent or substance. Wound dressings are single-use devices, mainly used to keep a moist environment, absorb exudates, and protect wounds from contact with bacteria. Some types of dressings may include an adhesive layer. Dedicated nonimpregnated dressings from natural fibers (e.g., cotton), biological origin (e.g., pig skin), synthetic (e.g., polymeric), or a combination of all three are available; dressings impregnated with substances that facilitate their use (e.g., odor, moisture control) or with antimicrobial drugs are also available.

Entry Terms : "Dressing Pads" , "Bandage/Dressings, Adhesive" , "Dressings, Universal" , "Gauze Dressing Pads" , "Wound Dressings" , "Dressings, Wound"

UMDC code : 11315

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