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Drainage Bottles

Definition : Bottles designed with an appropriate shape and made of materials (e.g., glass, plastics) that facilitate appropriate drainage and safe storage of the drained products. These bottles may consist either of reusable glass (e.g., Pyrex) containers that can withstand repeated high temperature sterilization and chemical action or disposable, sterile plastic containers that do not react with the drained products. Drainage bottles are available in several sizes (typically two-liter bottles); they usually have indelible marks for easily determination of the fluid content. Drainage bottles are used mainly in abdominal or chest (i.e., pleural) drainage procedures, either individually as a component of a drainage kit or in sets of two or three bottles for suction control, water seal, and fluid collection in underwater drainage systems.

Entry Terms : "Containers" , "Bottles, Drainage" , "Bottles"

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