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Procedure Kit/Trays, Irrigation/Lavage, Vaginal Douche

Definition : Prepackaged collections of the devices and supplies (either custom or standard) needed for the liquid cleansing and removal of tissue and/or debris from the vagina. Items in these kits usually include a douche pan or an inflatable horse-shoe rubber pad (i.e., a Kelly pad), tubing, a container, waterproof drape, an alcohol prep pad, a syringe with a rubber tip or glass tube with side perforations, and a sterile solution (e.g., antiseptics, astringents, or physiologic saline) according to the patient's needs. These kits may be supplied in supporting trays (i.e., procedure trays) consisting of a flat-bottomed receptacle with a border around the periphery supporting all the instruments and supplies needed for the procedure; the trays are usually covered or wrapped. Vaginal douche irrigation/lavage kits and trays are intended for hygienic purpose, to avoid pain, and also to help in the prevention of suppurative inflammation; some kits included tips appropriate to deliver enema solutions through the rectum.

Entry Terms : "Vaginal Douche Kits" , "Douche Kits" , "Vaginal Douche Irrigation/Lavage Procedure Kit/Trays"

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