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Microwave Therapy Systems, Tissue Ablation

Definition : Microwave therapy systems designed for thermal ablation of tissue. These systems typically consist of a microwave generator, a coaxial cable, and an antenna. The radiating antenna is placed on or near the tissue volume to be ablated using an applicator or catheter; the higher frequency of microwave energy has the potential for a greater volume of heating than radio-frequency. The primary mechanism for tissue heating at microwave frequencies is vibration of the ions (e.g., ions of water molecules) in the tissues at the frequency of the electrical field; ablation is produced by coagulation necrosis at temperatures over 60 degrees C and/or water vaporization over 100 degrees C.

Entry Terms : "Lesion Generators" , "Interstitial Thermotherapy Systems" , "Tissue Ablation Systems"

UMDC code : 18816

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