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Catheters, Nasobiliary

Definition : Catheters designed for insertion into the biliary tree while their proximal tip is externally brought out through the nose. These catheters are usually inserted through the lumen of a duodenoscope over a guide wire and advanced into the bile ducts, where they are held in position usually by means of their pigtail distal tips. The catheter is then threaded into a feeding tube previously inserted through a nasal passage and brought out through the mouth; the feeding tube is withdrawn, leaving the nasobiliary catheter in position. Nasobiliary catheters may be used for drainage purposes by attaching their external tip to biliary drainage bag systems, which function by gravity, to inject contrast medium into the biliary ducts (sometimes also into the pancreatic ducts) for radiographic examination purposes (cholangiography), frequently after stricture dilatation.

Entry Terms : "Nasobiliary Catheters"

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