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Catheters, Vascular, Fiberoptic-Thermistor

Definition : Catheters designed to measure the temperature and light reflectance in arterial blood after a cold dye (e.g., ice-cold indocyanine green) is injected into the right atrium using a dye-dilution cardiac catheter. These catheters typically consist of a 4 Fr tube including a fiberoptic (to detect reflected and scattered light at the catheter tip) and that also has a thermistor near its distal tip; they are usually placed in the aorta via a femoral artery. Fiberoptic-thermistor catheters are used for bedside determination of intravascular volume (e.g. cardiac output, intrathoracic blood volume) after major surgery and in critically ill patients.

Entry Terms : "Thermistor Vascular Catheters" , "Photocatheters" , "Fiberoptic Vascular Catheters" , "Catheters, Photo"

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Hemedex Inc

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Hemedex, Inc., was founded in 2000 to commercialize a proprietary platform technology conceived at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to quantify tissue perfusion (i.e., blood flow at the capillary level). This technology addresses the need for real-time, prognostic data in complex medical and surgical procedures.

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