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Catheters, Vascular, Angioplasty, Atherectomy, Extirpative

Definition : Atherectomy angioplasty catheters that cut or shave atheroma and directly remove the excised material from the vessel using a collection chamber or suction port. These catheters typically consist either of a semiflexible catheter which includes a cup-shaped cutter that slices atheroma at the center of a nonflexible housing, and an opposing dilated balloon that forces the plaque through a window into the metal housing during each cut (directional atherectomy); or of a semiflexible, torque-controlled, hollow catheter that includes an introducer sheath over a central guide wire for proper alignment with the atherosclerotic lesion, a rotating cone-shaped cutter in a housing unit to shave the plaque, and a collecting vacuum bottle situated at the proximal end of the catheter (transluminal extraction catheters). Extirpative atherectomy catheters are mostly used for treating short, discrete, eccentrically placed atheroma, including calcific eccentric stenoses not normally amenable to balloon dilatation.

Entry Terms : "Extirpative Atherectomy Catheters" , "Pull-Back Atherotomy Catheters" , "OmniCath Catheters" , "Transluminal Extraction Catheters (TEC)" , "Catheters, Transluminal Extraction" , "Directional Atherotomy Catheters" , "Simpson Athero Cath Catheters"

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Boston Scientific Corp

Company Type: Parent

In 1969, fascinated by the possibility of bringing pioneering medical devices and treatments to patients across the world, John Abele joined Medi-Tech, a company that was developing alternatives to traditional surgery. Pete Nicholas was looking for an investment, and when he met John, the pieces came together.

Medical Components Inc

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Medcomp develops, manufactures, markets and supports cutting-edge vascular access devices and accessories to meet the clinical needs of the medical industry, particularly in the fields of interventional medicine and dialysis. Our company's engineering and applications expertise provides superior products whose progressive designs accommodate advances in medicine and whose quality anticipates the requirements of our professional clients and the patients they serve. Currently one of the world's largest manufacturers of dialysis and centrally terminating venous catheters, Medcomp is, and always has been, on the cutting edge of new vascular access device technologies.

Vascular Solutions Inc

Company Type: Parent

Vascular Solutions is a medical device company committed to providing superior clinical solutions for diagnostic and interventional vascular procedures. Founded in 1997, Vascular Solutions is a publicly held company that trades on the NASDAQ National Market under the symbol VASC.

1-3 of 3 Match(es).