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Analyzers, Laboratory, Immunoassay

Definition : Laboratory analyzers used to identify and quantify specific substances, typically using an antibody (e.g., immunoglobulin) as a reagent to detect the substance (i.e., antigen, hapten) of interest. A label attached to the antibody or antigen permits detection of the binding compound. The specificity and high affinity of antibodies for specific antigens plus the ability of antibodies to cross-link antigens enable the identification and quantification of substances using a wide variety of methods. Dedicated immunoassay analyzers are usually used for heterogeneous immunoassay analysis, while homogeneous immunoassay analysis can be performed either in clinical chemistry laboratory analyzers or in dedicated immunoassay analyzers. Typical assays include antiarrhythmic, antibiotic, anticonvulsant, or cardiac glycoside drug concentration determination; endocrine hormone testing; and protein, viral, or bacterial toxin determinations.

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