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Telemanipulation Systems, Hazardous Environment

Definition : Telemanipulation systems designed to handle objects in hazardous (e.g., radioactive, vacuum, contaminated) environments. These systems typically consist of robotic arms that replicate the operator's hand movements; a workstation that may include a video display, control arms similar to those that perform the actual manipulation, and an electronic control module; and links (e.g., coaxial cable) that connect the remote robotic arms to the workstation. Hazardous-environment telemanipulation systems are used in closed rooms or cabinets that may be an environmental risk for a human operator.

Entry Terms : "Hazardous Environment Telemanipulation Systems" , "Nuclear Telemanipulation Systems"

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Central Research Laboratories

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In 1945, at the dawn of the Atomic Age, three scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology saw the need for a high technology instrument company to support the emerging industry created by this new technology. These three men, Dr. Frank Chesley, Dr. Demetrius Jelatis, and Dr. Gordon Lee, pioneered early development of safer methods for handling hazardous and toxic products produced by this industry. So Central Research Laboratories was born.

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