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Telemanipulation Systems

Definition : Systems designed for handling objects without physical contact of a human operator with the manipulator (often referred to as "robotic" systems). Most systems are based on control (i.e., master) arms operated by a person and working (i.e., slave) manipulators that guide a set of instruments to perform the intended task (master-slave system). These systems typically consist of robotic arms used as manipulators; a workstation including the control arms, computerized processing units, and visual displays; visual, auditory, and tactile transducers; and appropriate links between the manipulators and the workstation. Telemanipulation systems are mostly used to move hazardous (e.g., radioactive) materials and objects in difficult access places; they are also used for surgical purposes.

Entry Terms : "Robotic Systems" , "Master-Slave Telemanipulators" , "Mechanical Telemanipulators"

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Immersion Medical

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