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Feeding Tube Patency Restorers, Mechanical

Definition : Feeding tube patency restorers that use mechanical forces to remove obstructions of occluded feeding tubes. These devices usually consist of a soft threaded mechanism that can be introduced into the tube and then rotated to bore the clog; they are available in a range from 10 to 24 Fr diameter and 20 to 40 cm (8 to 16 inches) in length. Other devices include an endoscopically inserted cytology brush. Mechanical patency restorers are used to remove obstructions in gastrostomy and gastrostomy-jejunal feeding tubes.

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Bionix Development Corp

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Bionix Development Corporation has been a leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative medical devices and equipment. Bionix focuses on helping physicians and allied health professionals meet the high-pressure demands of a constantly changing health care environment.

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