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Lasers, ErCr:YSGG, Dental

Definition : ErCr:YSGG lasers used in the treatment of hard dental tissue (e.g., enamel, dentin) and soft dental tissue. These lasers are appropriate for dental procedures because of the high absorption of their midinfrared (i.e., frequencies around 3 micrometers) energy by both tissue water and hydroxyapatite and because the energy can be delivered using an optical fiber. The subsurface expansion of water is accepted as the primary mechanism responsible for exfoliation or spallation of the enamel mineral at temperatures below the melting point of teeth (around 1200 degrees Celcius). ErCr:YSGG lasers are used in oral surgery and for high-efficiency ablation of hard dental tissue, with relatively small thermal effect. Some devices add a water spray to the laser irradiation to create a combined interaction of laser energy with atomized water droplets (called hydrokinetic energy), increasing the ablation depth with minimal injury to the surrounding tissues.

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BioLase Technology Inc

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BIOLASE is revolutionizing surgery in dentistry and medicine with WaterLase technology. We specialize in the development, manufacturing and marketing of lasers and related products to provide biological treatments that eliminate pain and are safer for patients.

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