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Dialyzers, Hemodialysis, Parallel-Plate

Definition : Dialyzers designed to perform blood dialysis, a procedure that combines the separation of molecules with different characteristics through a semi -permeable membrane (diffusion) and the simultaneous movement of fluid through the membrane under imposed pressure gradients (ultrafiltration), with the membrane in the form of parallel-plate sheets. These dialyzers typically consist of sheets of semi permeable membrane that are placed between support plates to form parallel layers; the blood and dialysate circulate in separate alternating compartments. Parallel-plate hemodialysis dialyzers are used to cleanse a patient's blood from impurities caused by acute failure or more frequently chronic malfunction of the kidneys. Some dialyzers may include sheets of semi -permeable membranes used as disposable (single-use) inserts between permanent (reusable) support plates. Dedicated high-permeability parallel-plate dialyzers using large-pore membranes are also available but not frequently used.

Entry Terms : "Parallel-Plate Dialyzers" , "Parallel Flow Dialyzers" , "Disposable Insert Parallel Plate Dialyzers" , "Parallel Plate Dialyzers, Disposable Insert"

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