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Analyzers, Point-of-Care

Definition : Analyzers designed to be used at the point of patient care, wherever medical care is needed. Most of these analyzers are used in places where a quick result is needed and where it is possible to perform the assay soon after the sample is obtained, using samples taken directly from the patient, such as whole blood or urine, usually without any manipulation (e.g., centrifugation) before the introduction of the sample in to the analyzer. Some of these analyzers incorporate computerized data management capabilities for storage and retrieval of test results and may also incorporate software programs (e.g., to calculate anticoagulant dosages). These analyzers are handheld portable or mobile devices and do not require permanent dedicated space. Point-of-care analyzers may be operated by healthcare providers (e.g., nurses) or patients with a minimum of, or without, any previous training. Typical places for point-of-care analyzer use are intensive care units, emergency departments, operating rooms, or at the bedside. Some point-of- care analyzers can also be used at home.

Entry Terms : "Point-of-Care Analyzers" , "Dedicated Clinical Chemistry Analyzers"

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