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Testers, Hemodialysis Dialysate

Definition : Testers designed to measure and display the main parameters of the dialysate used to remove metabolic products from the blood during hemodialysis procedures. These testers typically consist of an electronic unit that includes measuring devices for conductivity, temperature, and pH; some testers have an extended range of temperature and conductivity measurements to check heat disinfection temperature and/or acid and bicarbonate solution conductivity. Hemodialysis dialysate testers are used to check the dialysate in hemodialysis machines before patient treatment.

Entry Terms : "Dialysate Conductivity Meters" , "Dialysate Unit Test Equipment" , "Dialysate Testers" , "Testers, Conductivity, Dialysate" , "Hemodialysis Dialysate Conductivity Meters" , "Hemodialysis Unit Conductivity Monitors"

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Integrated Biomedical Technology

Company Type: Parent

Integrated Biomedical Technology, Inc. was established in1992 as a consulting company assisting other companies in developing dry chemistry test systems. In 1995, we realized that in the fast paced operation of hemodialysis there is a need of simple, fast and easy-to-use tests and began to develop reagent strips for use in dialysis clinics and hospitals. In 1997, the first multi-functional test for chlorine/bleach and peroxide was introduced. Since then, a panel of dialysis specialty test strips has been introduced, many of which are uniquely designed, one of a kind tests. These highly advanced, innovative test systems redefine and set new standards in the way testing is done in dialysis.

Lee Medical International Inc

Company Type: Parent

Lee Medical was formed in 1983 in New Orleans by a group of local nephrologists with the ideal concept of delivering better medical care to the dialysis community. Initially, Lee Medical was the local supplier to the facilities operated by these physicians, but Lee Medical rapidly expanded into other metropolitan areas and now services customers across the United States.

Mesa Laboratories Inc

Company Type: Parent

Mesa Laboratories, Inc. develops, manufactures and markets, high-quality process validation and monitoring instruments as well as dialysis calibration and verification meters, standard solutions and accessories that are relied upon by businesses worldwide.

1-3 of 3 Match(es).