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Scanning Systems, Gamma Camera

Definition : Scanning systems designed to measure the distribution of a radiopharmaceutical within a patient's body using a gamma camera as detector. These scanners typically consist of a single- or multiple-head gamma (scintillation) camera, a patient table, a computerized subsystem including appropriate imaging processing software, a graphical display, monitors, a data storage unit, and an operator console. Both stationary and portable gamma camera scanning systems intended for two-dimension (planar) imaging are available; systems that produce cross-sectional slices that are reconstructed as tomographic images (single-photon emission tomography [SPET]) are also available. These scanning systems are used for a variety of clinical evaluations, including nuclear cardiology studies, and imaging of cerebral blood flow.

Entry Terms : "Nuclear Imaging Systems" , "Gantries, Nuclear Imaging"

UMDC code : 18448

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