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Simulators, Training, Surgical, Beating Heart

Definition : Simulators designed for training in the performance of procedures in a beating heart. Beating heart simulators may consist of: (1) a movable platform mounted on a table that mimics the pericardial surface of the heart and a motor underneath the platform carrying projection wheels that intermittently elevate the platform simulating heartbeats or (2) a three-dimensional replica of the heart mainly made of plastic materials that include appropriate mechanisms to simulate a natural heart in motion. Beating heart simulators are used to train surgeons in the performance of cardiac procedures such as coronary artery surgery, vascular anastomosis, and sewing of the heart membranes without the use of external cardiac bypass.

Entry Terms : "Coronary Artery Grafting Beating Heart Surgical Simulators" , "Heart Beat Simulators, Coronary Artery Grafting Surgery" , "Simulators, Cardiac, Heart Beat, Coronary Artery Grafting"

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