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Lithotripters, Extracorporeal, Spark-Gap

Definition : Lithotripters that noninvasively disintegrate stones using focused external shock waves generated and delivered from electrostatic spark discharge (spark-gap) generators. These lithotripters typically consist of electrostatic (spark-gap) generators that produce shock waves when an electrical discharge between two electrodes submerged in water (i.e., electrohydraulic) causes explosive vaporization. Extracorporeal spark-gap lithotripters are intended for the treatment of urolithiasis (i.e., kidney calculi also known as kidney stones). Lithotripters using a variant of this method where the electrodes are submerged in a highly conductive solution rather than in water (known as electroconductive generators) are also available.

Entry Terms : "Lithotripters, Electrohydraulic" , "Electrohydraulic Lithotripters" , "Electroconductive Generator Extracorporeal Lithotripter" , "Spark-Gap Extracorporeal Lithotripters"

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