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Electrocardiographs, Ambulatory, Ventricular Function

Definition : Ambulatory electrocardiographs (ECGs) designed for continuously recording the variations of the electric potential caused by the electrical activity of the heart muscle in ambulatory patients, usually detected at the body surface from two radionuclide detectors. The instrument records ECG activity automatically using one detector (usually a sodium iodide crystal) for detection of left ventricular activity, and another detector (usually of cadmium telluride) placed over the right lung to monitor background activity. These detectors are usually positioned using a gamma camera and held in place by a plastic garment. The recorded signals are analyzed in a processor that includes dedicated software. These electrocardiographs are worn by the patient for several hours and are intended to assess the left ventricular function period during several hours in order to help detect heart diseases, including silent ischemia. Ventricular function ambulatory ECGs are not intended for real-time assessment of the electrocardiogram or other cardiac conditions.

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