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Electrical Conductivity Meters, Dialysate

Definition : Electric conductivity meters designed to measure and display the electric conductivity of a solution delivered to a dialyzer; the meter may be a component or an accessory of a hemodialysis machine. These devices typically consist of an electronic instrument that can measure within the range of conductivity usually found in dialysate solutions (typically 10 to 20 mS/cm); the instruments include the appropriate sensors, transducers, electronic circuits, and a display for the measurement. Dialysate conductivity meters are commonly used as an integral part of the dialysis system, but some are available as stand-alone units for inspection, maintenance, or calibration of the dialysate circuit of hemodialysis machines.

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Alden Medical LLC

Company Type: Parent

Alden Medical develops, manufactures and markets consumable infection prevention products for a variety of markets, including Kidney Dialysis, Endoscopy, Dental and Agricultural.

Mesa Laboratories Inc

Company Type: Parent

Mesa Laboratories, Inc. develops, manufactures and markets, high-quality process validation and monitoring instruments as well as dialysis calibration and verification meters, standard solutions and accessories that are relied upon by businesses worldwide.

Myron L Co

Company Type: Parent

Since the 1960's, the company has established itself as the leading manufacturer of high quality and simple to operate conductivity and pH instrumentation for municipal, commercial and industrial water quality control, chemical concentration testing and process control.

1-3 of 3 Match(es).