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Definition : Physiologic recorders designed to measure and record data and graphics of the physical and/or functional characteristics of the heart. Cardiographs are usually intended to record one or several of the following data and graphics: (1) electrical potential caused by the electrical activity of the heart muscle (e.g., electrocardiographs and vectorcardiographs); (2) biomagnetic field caused by the electrical activity of the heart muscle detected externally to the body; (3) changes in the thoracic impedance due to heart activity (i.e., impedance cardiographs); (4) movements and forces exerted by the heart (e.g., ballistocardiographs); (5) ultrasonic signals reflected by the heart (i.e. echocardiographs); and (6) sounds produced by the heart movement (i.e., phonocardiographs). Cardiographs are intended for evaluation of recorded information of the heart conditions, they are not intended for real-time assessment of those conditions. Cardiography monitors and image scanning systems (e.g., MRI, PET) are also used to evaluate heart conditions.

Entry Terms : "Recorders, Graphic" , "Recorders, Paper Chart" , "Recorders, Graphic, Cardiography" , "Recorders, Chart" , "Strip-Chart Recorders" , "Graphic Recorders" , "Chart Recorders"

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