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Chromatography Systems, Liquid

Definition : Chromatography systems in which the separation process of the mixture of compounds is accomplished by pumping a liquid, usually water or an organic solvent (i.e., the mobile phase) through a column of stationary phase. Separation is based on the relative solubility of the solutes in the two phases and their interaction with the stationary phase. A mass spectrometer can be connected to these devices instead of a detector.

Entry Terms : "Liquid-Solid Chromatography Systems" , "Liquid-Liquid Chromatography Systems" , "Liquid Chromatography Systems" , "Fraction Collectors, Liquid Chromatography" , "Detectors, Liquid Chromatography" , "Sample Injector Ports, Liquid Chromatography" , "Sample Inlet Systems, Liquid Chromatography" , "LC Equipment" , "Chromatography Equipment, Liquid"

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