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Blood Donor Set Tube Holders, Protective

Definition : Blood collection tube holders that consist of a recessed needle holder that mates with a sampling site attached to the donor tubing. These tube holders typically have a tubing access needle on one end that attaches to the donor tubing and functions as the blood collection needle and a tube-puncturing needle on the opposite end (recessed inside the tube holder) which interfaces with the blood collection tube. The user attaches the tubing-access needle to the donor tubing and then places a blood collection tube inside the holder on the tube-puncturing needle to obtain samples. Some protective blood donor set tube holders have the donor collection tubing set attached to the holder's outer needle all as one irremovable unit to further protect against needlestick injuries to healthcare workers. Protective blood donor set tube holders are meant for one use and are disposable. They are used in blood donation and collection settings for the collection of blood and to minimize needlestick injuries.

Entry Terms : "Needlestick Prevention Devices" , "Sharps Injury Prevention Devices"

UMDC code : 18244

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