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Stimulators, Electrical, Cardiac, Myoplasty

Definition : Cardiac electrical stimulators designed to stimulate a muscle (e.g., latissimus dorsi) that has been wrapped around the ventricles of the heart (myoplasty surgery) to augment the cardiac output. These stimulators typically consist of an implanted two-channel synchronized pulse generator that combines the characteristics of cardiac pacers with those of neuromuscular stimulators; they include pacemaker electrodes attached to the myocardium and muscle electrodes to stimulate the wrapping muscle in synchrony with the heart muscle. Most stimulators include some pacing capabilities (e.g., to pace the heart when the heart rate drops below a programmed value). Myoplasty cardiac stimulators are typically used after a postoperative period of adaptation in patients who have ischemic or dilated cardiomyopathy.

Entry Terms : "Myostimulators" , "Myoplasty Stimulators" , "Cardiomyostimulators" , "Cardiosynchronous Myostimulators"

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