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Dental Materials, Cement

Definition : Dental materials designed to produce a mechanical interlocking effect upon hardening inside the mouth. These dental materials typically consist of two bonding substances (a basic powder and an acidic liquid) that are mixed together in a viscous paste immediately before use, setting to a hard mass. Dental cement materials provide sealing to prevent marginal leakage and have good esthetics and proper thermal and chemical resistance in the oral environment and should be non-irritating to pulp and gingiva. These dental materials include glass ionomer, polycarboxilate and zinc oxide eugenol cements. They are used in dentists' offices as luting (cementing) agents, as protective, insulating, or sedative bases, and as temporary restorative materials.

Entry Terms : "Cement, Dental, Other" , "Cement" , "Cement, Dental" , "Adhesives, Dental" , "Dental Cement"

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