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Definition : Bathroom fixtures designed to deliver a water spray and/or a stream of dry air to bathe the external genitalia and perineal area. These fixtures typically resemble the shape and height of a toilet seat. Bidet function may be performed by attachments designed for the same purpose that are added to a standard toilet.

Entry Terms : "Personal Hygiene Devices" , "Toilets"

UMDC code : 18081

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Andermac Inc

Company Type: Parent

Andermac's spirit of manufacturing excellence has created innovative designs and user-friendly products for the medical industry. Along with our Hygenique, we also provide one of the best Complete Lifting and Transport System on the market

North Coast Medical Inc

Company Type: Parent

North Coast Medical, Inc. specializes in supplying products to the rehabilitation industry as a manufacturer, direct importer and wholesale distributor. Frank and Loretta Biehl founded North Coast Medical in 1974 with one desire: to help therapists gain accessibility to products. Initially, the business began distribution of occupational therapy and hand therapy products out of a small office, utilizing the family garage as an extended warehouse.

1-2 of 2 Match(es).